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The 9th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference

NeuroVive will participate at the 9th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury Conference in Washington, DC on 16 – 17 May 2019.

From the agenda, 17 May:

8:25 am Traumatic Brain Injury Biomarkers in Therapeutic Trials: Pharmacodynamic Perspectives
In this presentation, Dr. Wang and Dr. Hansson will discuss the following:
• Temporal profile of brain injury biomarkers following TBI
• Changes in biomarker levels in cerebrospinal fluid during NeuroSTAT (cyclosporine) treatment in severe TBI patients
• Utilization of TBI biomarkers in pharmaceutical development
Kevin K.W. Wang, Ph.D., Executive Director, Center for Neuroproteomics & Biomarkers Research, Chief – Translational Research, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Neuroscience & Physiological Science, University of Florida, Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine
Magnus Hansson, MD, Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, VP Preclinical Development & Clinical Development, NeuroVive