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Our board





David Laskow-Pooley | Chairman (2017)

Born: 1954

Education: BSc Pharmacy (1st), Pharmaceutical/ Chemical engineering specialty and QP., Sunderland School of Pharmacy.

Other assignments: Director of the board of TapImmune Inc, USA, LREsystem Ltd, England and Pharmafor Ltd, England.

No. of shares in NeuroVive: -.

Other: Non-affiliated to the Company, the management and to major owners.


Marcus Keep

Marcus Keep | Director (2000)

Born: 1959

Education: BSc in Chemistry from University of South Carolina. BA in Religion from Dartmouth College. MD from Medical University of South Carolina.

Other assignments: CEO and chair of Maas Biolab LLC (USA) and CEO of Keep Enterprises, LLC (USA) and Restorative Neurosurgery Foundation (USA). Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Pennsylvania (USA), and Chief of Neurosurgery at Penn State Health-St. Joseph Medical Center.

No. of shares in NeuroVive: 425 929 shares (including family) and shares in Maas Biolab LLC (owner of 3 874 432 shares in NeuroVive) where Marcus Keep controls 48.44 percent of the shares.

Other: Non-affiliated to the Company and the management. Affiliated to major owners.


Anna Malm Bernsten

Jan Törnell | Director (2017)

Born: 1960

Education: MD and PhD in physiology, University of Gothenburg.

Other assignments: Editor-in-Chief for Drug Discovery Today –Disease Models and adjunct Professor at the Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. Jan is also chairman of the Board at LIDDS AB, Glactone Pharma AB and Glactone Pharma Development AB and Director of the Board at Stayble AB and Diaprost AB, CEO at Oncorena AB and Innoext AB and partner of P.U.L.S. AB. 

No. of shares in NeuroVive: -.

Other: Non-affiliated to the Company, the management and to major owners.

David Bejker

David Bejker | Director (2017)

Born: 1975

Education: M.Sc. (Econ.), Stockholm School of Economics.

Other assignments: CEO of Affibody Medical AB

No. of shares in NeuroVive:-.

Other: Non-affiliated to the Company, the management and to major owners.

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