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Our partners

NeuroVive conducts extensive research and development work. This work is done in-house and in collaboration with international partners in Europe, Asia and North America. These partnerships cover pre-clinical development work and clinical trials at renowned hospitals.

Substantial expertise in mitochondrial medicine

More than ten NeuroVive employees are active on preclinical and clinical development, as well as a number of external consultants engaged on the company’s projects. The company possesses a high level of expertise. All employees are science graduates, with five holding PhDs in medical sciences. Most of the company’s researchers are qualified physicians engaged in identifying segments with unmet medical needs, early basic research and clinical research towards approval of drug candidates.

Academic and commercial partnerships

Because of its unique research, NeuroVive has established good relationships with the academic and business community across the world, in Europe, Asia and the US, which has created great potential for successful partnerships. 

Isomerase of the UK is one of NeuroVive’s key partners. This collaboration focuses primarily on development of NeuroVive’s chemistry platforms, i.e. producing active compounds for treating ischemic stroke and mitochondrial disorders, and compounds for organ protection. The collaboration between the two companies’ researchers is also a creative hotbed for identifying new development platforms in indications with a pressing medical need, and with its drug development expertise, Isomerase offers valuable backing for NeuroVive’s projects. NeuroVive’s partnership with Isomerase was reinforced in early-2016 through a partial acquisition. In preclinical development, NeuroVive also partners with PENN (the University of Pennsylvania), A1M and a range of contract research organizations.

The main clinical collaboration partners are Skåne University Hospital, Lund, southern Sweden and the Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark.


Catharina Johansson

Catharina Johansson


+46 (0) 46-275 62 21


Mark Farmery

Mark Farmery

VP Business Development