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Share and owner information

NeuroVive Pharmaceutical AB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and trades under the ticker NVP. The share is also traded on the OTC Market Group’s best market, OTCQX, in the US under the ticker NEVPF.

The share capital is SEK 4,578,542.05 divided between 91,570,841 shares of only one class. All shares have a quotient value of SEK 0.05 and confer entitlement to one vote and equal participation in the company’s assets and earnings.

  • Insider trading (Finansinspektionen/The Swedish Securities and Exchange Commission)

Major Shareholders – figures per September 28, 2018

Name No of shares (pcs.) Votes and capital (%)
Avanza Pension Försäkrings AB** 13 420 960 14.66
EuroClear Bank S.A/N.V, W8-IMY (registered holding on behalf of Maas Biolab, LLC and Marcus Keep and others with US domicile)* 4 486 073 4.90
Nordnet Pensionförsäkring AB** 3 472 702 3.79
Baulos Capital Belgium SA (fd Private Placement SPRL) 3 000 000 3.28
Rothesay Limited 2 200 000 2.40
Danske Bank International S.A.*** 2 100 000 2.29
Handelsbanken Liv 2 002 711 2.19
Ekman, Tobias 1 000 000 1.09
Försäkrings AB Skandia 803 556 0.88
Swedbank försäkring AB 678 836 0.74
Other owners (approx. 9,000 shareholders) 58 406 003 63.78
In total 91 570 841 100

Source: EuroClear Sweden AB

Rothesay Limited is the largest shareholder of NeuroVive with a total holding of 4.97%. Marcus Keep with its stake in Maas Biolab and private holdings is NeuroVive's second largest shareholder with a holding of 4.80% in total. Fredrik Olsson with holdings in Baulos Capital Belgium SA and Baulos International AS and private holdings is the third largest shareholder with a total holding of 3.58%.

 *Maas Biolab, LLC (”Maas”) has, together with the majority of other owners residing in the US, moved their holdings to Etrade Clearing LLC during the summer of 2012. The reason being the changed regulations regarding US citizens foreign holdings. In NeuroVives share register, these holdings have been registered in the name of EuroClear Bank S.A/N.V, W8-IMY. Maas owned 3,875,000 shares in NeuroVive per 28 September 2018 and Maas had at this point 45 shareholders. Maas was owned to 48.44% by founder Marcus Keep and to 17.09% by CSO Eskil Elmér.

**Capital insurance

*** Trustee of Rothesay Limited


Distribution of acquisition value due to NeuroVive's new share issue in May 2018 of shares and warrants

94.4 percent of the acquisition cost is considered attributable to the share and 5.6 percent to the warrants, ie SEK 1.888 per share and SEK 0.448 per warrant. For further information, please see:


All the company’s shares are entitled to dividends. Investors that are registered as shareholders of the company on the record date for dividends are entitled to dividends. There are no restrictions to dividends or special procedures for shareholders domiciled outside Sweden, and the payment of these dividends is via Euroclear Sweden AB in the same manager manner as for shareholders domiciled in Sweden. Dividend receivables are limited to ten years. This dividend becomes due to the company after that time.

All shares confer equal entitlement to dividends, and to potential surpluses on liquidation. Each share of the company carries one vote at shareholders’ meetings, and each party entitled to vote may do so for the full number of shares held without limitation. All shares confer shareholders with the same preferential rights on the issue of warrants and convertible instruments for the number of shares they hold.

Pursuant to the Swedish Companies Act, a shareholder that directly or indirectly holds more than 90% of the share capital of the company is entitled to redeem the remaining shares from other shareholders of the company. Correspondingly, a shareholder who shares are subject to redemption is entitled to such redemption from the majority shareholder.

Apart from entitlement to share dividends, there is no other entitlement to participate in the company’s earnings. Until now, the company has not paid any dividends. Nor can there be any guarantee that a dividend from the company will be proposed or resolved in any particular year.

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