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Developing Therapies for Primary Mitochondrial Diseases: Bridging the Gaps

NeuroVive kommer att medverka vid workshopen Developing Therapies for Primary Mitochondrial Diseases: Bridging the Gaps, på amerikanska FDA i Silver Spring, Washington DC, den 6 september 2019.

NeuroVive's team består av Magnus Hansson, medicinsk chef & ansvarig preklinisk och klinisk utveckling, samt Matilda Hugerth, chef för klinisk utveckling och regulatoriska frågor.

"Given the complexities of primary mitochondrial diseases and, by extension, the challenges of designing informative clinical trials in this group of rare diseases, this scientific symposium will bring together academic physicians, FDA regulatory experts, and experts from related disciplines to exchange ideas on ways to address the challenges and to promote drug development in this challenging field."